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Dedicated mailing and e-mail campaign to targeted design and style related media. Order in the Kitchen. Order in the Bathroom. Order in the Living Room. Order in the Bedroom. Order in the Common Areas. Order in the Study. Household organization is complicated but not impossible. Having everything within arm's reach is attainable by choosing good storage options. Success here often depends more on insight than budget, and clever use of space, colour, contrast, and similar. Various storage solutions are explored for different rooms/areas in the house/flat in this book. The book is structured according to type of room (see left) and how many people live in the house and their specific needs. It is also important not to let design triumph over practicality, every dwelling needs somewhere to store an ironing board, luggage, coats & hats, dirty laundry, etc. Most of what is suggested in this outstandingly helpful volume can be sourced from places such as IKEA, Habitat, and high street stores.

Monsa 2008, ISBN: 978-84-96823-40-2, 205x240, 256 s., oprawa miękka

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