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ISBN: 9783775740142
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EAN: 9783775740142
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Wydawnictwo/Producent: Hatje Cantz

Controversial, provocative, and at the same time poignantly humorous. Andrea Fraser (*1965 in Billings, Montana) is one of the most influential and pioneering artists of her generation and has been captivating her audience for more than thirty years. She employs a wide range of media, including prints, photographs, installations, and performances as well as texts and videos, time and again reformulating the same question: what we all want from art―the motivation behind Fraser’s artistic production, how we view it, and how the art market distributes it.The richly illustrated catalogue allows tracing the artist for the first time from the beginning of her career. It assembles the early Four Posters (1984) as well as her famous performances, such as Museum Highlights (1989), Inaugural Speech (1997), and Official Welcome (2001/03), linking them with her most recent videos.Exhibition: Museum der Moderne Salzburg, 21.3.–5.7.2015

Hatje Cantz 2015, ISBN: 9783775740142, 320 s., oprawa miękka



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